Netrunner - Sparky's Run Flow Chart

This chart was developed by Sparky (aka Mark Schmalz), a former netrep to NETRUNNER-L, with the assistance of Netrunner R&D. The original post to NETRUNNER-L can be found here, and subsequent modifications were later made as needed. This version was rescued from the Google cache of the page that Wizards of the Coast posted this on—that page has been removed from

1) Runner: Declare your run
Is there any ice?
Yes: Go to step 2
No: Go to step 13

2) Runner: Approaches outermost unpassed piece of ice.
Special card effects can be used.

3) Corp: Special card effects can be used, including rezzing nodes, upgrades, and the piece of ice being approached.
Is the piece of ice being approached already rezzed?
Yes: Go to step 6
No: Go to step 4

4) Corp: Decide whether or not to rez ice.
Do you want to rez the ice?
Yes: Go to step 5
No: Go to step 12

5) Corp: Turns ice face-up (if it has not already revealed) and pays the rez cost in bits. Ice is now rezzed.

6) Runner: Encounter ice
Does an effect or card tell you to 'skip' this piece of ice?
Yes: Go to step 12.
No: Go to step 7.

7) Runner: Break subroutines
Can you break any subroutines?
Yes: Do you want to break subroutines?
Yes: Go to step 8
No: Go to step 11
No: Go to step 11

8) Runner: Choose an unbroken subroutine to break (even one you've already failed to break in the same encounter)

9) Runner: Pay to increase strength of appropriate icebreaker if needed. Since an icebreaker keeps normal strength increases until the end of the encounter with the ice, you should only have to do this once per piece of ice regardless of the number of subroutines it has.

10) Runner: Pay to break subroutine
Did you break the subroutine?
Yes: Are there any other subroutines you want to attempt to break?
Yes: Go to 7
No: Go to 11
No: Go to 7

11) Corp: Unbroken subroutines take effect in the order they are listed on the piece of ice. If any subroutine ends the run, the run is ended before later subroutines take effect. If ending the run is part of a subroutine, that whole subroutine will affect the Runner before it ends the run.
Did a subroutine end the run?
Yes: Go to step 20
No: Go to step 12

12) Runner: Pass the ice

13) Runner: Special card effects can be used. Also, choose to end or continue run.
Do you want to jack out?
Yes: End the run
No: Go to step 14

14) Is there any more unpassed ice remaining on the data fort?
Yes: Go to step 2
No: Go to step 15

15) Corp: Special card effects can be used, including rezzing nodes and upgrades.

16) Runner: Run is now considered successful. Choose the order in which you want to access the cards there, including face-down cards.

17) Corp: Cards affect Runner in the order he or she chose. Any face-down cards are revealed.

18) Runner: Score any agenda and pay the trash cost of any nodes or upgrades you want to trash. They are trashed simultaneously, but go to the face-up archives in the order you choose.
Did you score your 7th agenda point?
Yes: Stop right there - you win!
No: Go to step 19

19) Corp: Deal with any consequences of having helpful nodes or upgrades trashed.

20) Both: Run ends. Deal with any 'end of run' effects.

Sparky's Run Flow Chart is © 1995-2003 Wizards of the Coast, Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All Rights Reserved.