Netrunner - Chrysalid Matrix

Chrysalid Matrix is a 72-card virtual expansion for Netrunner. The expansion was first announced/released on August 12, 1998. View the original expansion (1.1a) here.

View the (overwrought, derivative, unfinished) back story here. But it will probably stab you in the eye.

Chrysalid Matrix v1.1d incorporates conservative updates/corrections to the original expansion from 1998 through 2003. It also contains two new cards, which replace cards that have been dropped for the simple reason that they were even more sucky than the norm.

v1.1d - Runner Cards (requires Macromedia Flash Player)

v1.1d - Corp Cards (requires Macromedia Flash Player)

You can opine on the cards to the Netrunner mailing list: Instructions for joining the mailing list are here. You can also write to me at azuay\at/incabrain\dot/com, but i confess to being interested only in your experiences actually playing with the cards.

Last updated May 4, 2006