love has guided me right
carpe aeternitatem
good writing

On the Surface

I consult on and develop eLearning projects, and in that regard I can help you with pretty much anything from a simple online tutorial to a full-blown web application. I can write your curriculum or create a specification for the learner interface (which typically extends into the real world). You can view my work history here.

I'm glad I discovered Scrum Agile, because it's how I think about projects. I can write your user stories or help your team make the cultural shift.

I network here and there, so if you need help figuring out where to get resources for a project, I'm usually good for that.

I write and I teach writing.

I have a few not-so-grown-up hobbies.

Unfortunately, all of those disparate pieces fall under one banner, so whichever one you came for probably seems overwhelmed by all the bits you didn't come for.

So... Good luck with that.